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We want to hear from you! Click here to join pharmacy professionals nationwide in sharing your perspective on the changes we need most in our industry. So far, hundreds of pharmacy professionals have spoken up about issues ranging from wages and benefits to staffing and time-off policies, a testament to how passionate we are about improving the circumstances of our work. It’s not too late to have your voice heard! Please, spend a few minutes filling out this confidential survey now and have a say in the future that we’re fighting for. Survey data will be shared in aggregate and individual responses will never be used without your permission.

Survey data collected by The Pharmacy Guild reflects frustration among pharmacy professionals – as well as a strong ambition to fight for changes. Of the issues most important to pharmacy professionals, unsafe staffing levels and overly long shifts stand out as chief concerns. Pharmacists wrote, “We need pharmacist overlap. It is not safe to fill over 400 RX’s per day as a solo pharmacist,” and “No more 12/14 hour shifts.” Pharmacy professionals are trying our best to provide safe care to our patients, but we are confronted by risky situations.

When we’ve raised these concerns to corporate in the past, they have failed to make changes. The change we need is systemic. Now, we’re taking matters into our own hands and organizing our own union. The numbers back us up – we know that safe staffing saves lives. Our patients can’t afford for us to not have a voice at work.

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