As dedicated pharmacy professionals, we all understand the challenges that come with the demands of our work.  Our profession has endured a lot over the last few years, but no matter how much we sacrifice, corporate pharmacy executives demand more. Because of short-staffing and large workloads, too many of us have felt pressured to work when we are sick or experiencing even more serious medical problems.

TAKE ACTION: Share your story about a time when you worked while you were ill.

No pharmacy professional should be forced to work while unwell, compromising their health and potentially jeopardizing patient safety. It’s crucial that we shed light on this matter and advocate for change within our industry. The power to make a difference lies in our collective voices and shared experiences.

We invite you to share your personal stories about instances where you had to work while feeling unwell due to short staffing. Your narratives can be powerful tools for raising awareness and putting pressure on the pharmacy industry to address this issue promptly. By coming together and sharing our experiences, we can create a compelling narrative that demands change.

Here are some key points to consider when sharing your story:

  • Describe the Situation: Provide details about the circumstances that led to you working while ill. Highlight the impact it had on your well-being and the challenges you faced.
  • Patient Safety Concerns: If applicable, share any instances where short staffing affected patient safety or the quality of care provided. Emphasize the importance of addressing this issue for the sake of both pharmacy professionals and the patients we serve. In doing so, make sure to follow all confidentiality laws and policies – DO NOT include patientprotected health information.
  • Highlight the Consequences: Discuss any negative consequences you experienced as a result of working while ill. This may include prolonged illness, increased stress, or potential long-term health implications.

Your stories matter, and together we can make a difference. Please share your experiences. We will compile the stories and use them to amplify our message, urging the pharmacy industry to prioritize the health and well-being of its workforce.

Thank you for your commitment to our profession, and we thank you for your active participation in this important initiative.

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