Pharmacy Technicians at 24/7 CVS Store in Rhode Island Vote Unanimously to Form Union With the Pharmacy Guild

Pharmacy professionals in CVS’ home state continue to rapidly unionize in demand of higher patient standards   Woonsocket, RI — Pharmacy technicians at a 24/7 CVS store in Wakefield, RI, have won their union election with The Pharmacy Guild (TPG) with a unanimous...

Pharmacy professionals at two CVS retail stores in Rhode Island win union elections with The Pharmacy Guild, making history in CVS’ home state

The successful unionizations outside CVS’ national headquarters mark the second and third election wins by pharmacy workers organizing with The Pharmacy Guild in just four weeks Woonsocket, RI — Pharmacy professionals organizing at two CVS corporate retail stores in...

Las Vegas pharmacy workers vote to unionize, calling for higher pay and consistent hours

ABC 17 News Las Vegas: A group of pharmacy workers in Las Vegas are now the first to join a new national pharmacy union. "I think that pharmacy professionals, both pharmacists and technicians, have just had enough," said Pharmacy Guild Co-Founder Dr. Shane Jerominski....

Sign The Pharmacy Guild’s Petition for Safe Pharmacies

Pharmacy Guild leaders brought a strong commitment to patient advocacy to the American Pharmacists Association conference where we launched the RxForChange Safe Staffing Petition, a campaign for pharmacy professionals and supporters dedicated to improving standards...

Pharmacy walkouts lead to beginnings of pharmacy union

By Mickie Cathers | March 2024

During the fall of 2023, pharmacy personnel staged walkouts at Walgreens and CVS stores citing unhealthy and unjust working conditions that put patient safety at risk. These protests by pharmacists and pharmacy personnel, which also included pharmacy labor advocates, led to the launch of the Pharmacy Guild, a formal unionization effort for pharmacy workers.

Pharmacy Professionals Uniting to Launch The Pharmacy Guild

WASHINGTON, Nov. 8, 2023 – An alliance of influential online communities with a combined social media following of more than 300,000 individuals is teaming up to support the launch of  a new worker empowerment project called The Pharmacy Guild. The effort aims to...

A Voice for Pharmacy Professionals

We stand at a critical moment in the history of the Pharmacy profession. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians at corporate chain retail giants have recently staged unprecedented walkouts to protest unsafe staffing levels and dangerously high workloads. These are not new problems, but they have intensified exponentially due to rampant corporate greed and consolidation, as well as increased workload and job responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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